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Our Sydney Curtain & Blinds Cleaning Service

Curtains and blinds come in all shapes, types and sizes. They provide us with privacy, style and comfort. Because curtains and blinds exposed to the sun as well as moisture from rain, they often become prone to fading or mould growth. Over time, they collect pockets of dust and when moved or repositioned, they can fill the surrounding airspace with the collected dust which may often be harmful to those prone to allergies or hay fever.

With proper care and cleaning, curtains and blinds can maintained and their lifespans prolonged. Our Sydney curtain and blinds cleaning service involves steam cleaning and all the treatments required to ensure your curtains cleaned, sanitised, deodorised and disinfected. For added value, our Sydney curtain and blinds cleaning service includes dust mite treatment and mould prevention treatment so your curtains and blinds are hygienically clean and fresh.

Sensational Carpet Cleaning specialise in curtain and blinds cleaning for general freshen ups, stain removal and/or mould removal. We steam clean curtains and blinds on-site or can have them taken away for you and delivered back, neatly pressed, ironed and cleaned ready to refitted.

Curtain & Blinds Cleaning Sydney Wide

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