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As much as we love our beloved pets, it is perfectly normal to get a little frustrated when they excrete bodily fluids onto your carpets or upholstery. The most common service for pet stain removal is urine cleaning. The urine of cats, as well as dogs, can often be quite foul in odour because of the urine crystals and bacteria that remain after the liquid evaporates, making it sometimes difficult to spot where the affected area is. Over time, the odour given off by the crystals and bacteria become stronger unless cleaned with the appropriate pet stain cleaning treatments that designed to not only neutralise odour but also kill off bacteria.

Sensational Carpet Cleaning Sydney pet stains removers service helps to clean up after your pets by way of extraction. We treat carpets, upholstery, leather, rugs and more for urine treatment, faeces treatment as well as vomit treatment. We dry clean surrounding areas when carpets treated and extract all traces of urine from deep within your carpets to ensure your carpets are left healthy and disinfected.

Rest assured, once our Pet Stains Removers cleaning technicians have finished their work for you, your carpets, upholstery, leather etc will be odourless and free from all harmful bacteria. We sanitise with specialised pet stain removal formulas and deodorise using our antibacterial deodorising treatment.

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