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Sometimes all your office leather sofa needs to look new again is a simple clean. Sensational Cleaning Office leather cleaning can bring out the original look of your office leather furniture once again with our high-quality cleaning process.

Once your coach has undergone our detailed leather cleaning, it will look years younger!

Leather furniture is an excellent investment and adds a touch of class to your office. Though your office leather furniture is extremely durable, evidence of wear is highly noticeable, which is why leather cleaning and maintenance are so important.

Office-Leather-Cleaning3Most leather cleaning products on the market are not appropriate for leather cleaning and
may break down leather finishes, leading to dryness and cracking.
Sensational Leather Cleaning offers a safe and effective office leather cleaning services that restore its natural vibrancy and shine, adding years of life to your investment.

With regular leather cleaning by a Sensational Leather Cleaning Specialist, you can prevent undue wear and keep your office leather furniture looking great.

Never underestimate the value of professional Office Leather Cleaning. Leather furniture takes on the same tough dirt, grime, and pollutants as Upholstery furniture. It may not be as noticeable, but you know it’s there and it’s interesting to note that leather furniture also suffers from lost moisture and softness over time.

Store-bought leather cleaning shampoo and conditioners may provide some immediate relief, but they can also cause long-term damage. What your office leather furniture really needs is professional expertise from the trained technicians at Sensational Leather Cleaning.

When it comes to Office Leather Cleaning, our professionals use safe, professional leather cleaners, moisturizers, and protectors to clean your office leather furniture and bring it back to life. Your office leather furniture suffers no harmful side effects. Instead, they get the dirt out—and beautifully restored to the leather.


Office-Leather-Cleaning2Sensational Leather Cleaning services for Office Leather is no different than regular upholstery cleaning in that it helps to extend the life of your investment. By getting our trained technicians involved, you can be sure that your office leather furniture is getting the proper care and attention that it needs. They will take care of your office leather cleaning, while you tend to other matters – like running a business. It’s really that simple.

Our trained office leather cleaning specialists use a proprietary system to clean and moisturize your leather.
First, they apply and then remove a leather cleaner that breaks down damaging soils, body ash, and oils.
The office leather furniture then treated with our leather cleaning moisturizer.
The Leather then protected and dried to seal in the moisturizer.
Maintain Leather Furniture
Over time, body oils, perspiration, skin ash, and regular wear and tear can diminish the appearance of office leather chairs and sofas, leaving dark spots or stains.

Office-Leather-Cleaning1Body oils from people are easily transferred and seep into parts of leather furniture that get a lot of use, causing serious damage to the leather furniture’s protective finish.

Dust particles, as well as air pollutants produced by common office activities, eventually find their way onto leather furniture which cause a build-up of dust and cause the leather to dry and crack.
Soils including common dirt, sand, and fibers from plants tracked into the office attaching to the leather every time the furniture used.

A leaky pen, the ink from a newspaper, and the dyes from fabrics like denim are among the ways that inks and dyes can transfer to leather furniture and can be hard to remove without damaging the surface.
Our Sensational Leather Cleaning Specialists will carefully identify your furniture’s leather types and select products specifically designed to clean and remove soil buildups and other stain-causing elements. We will then condition and protect your leather to revitalize and replenish its natural beauty and feel.

Remember that even when you can’t see the dirt, you know it’s there. Cleaning office leather furniture can be a challenge but not for our trained leather cleaning professionals. Count on us to achieve noticeable results and keep your office leather furniture looking great for years to come.

Restore the shine and softness to your office leather furniture with regular leather furniture cleaning from the professionals at Sensational Leather Cleaning. Call us today.



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